ON-Q* is a postoperative, non-narcotic pain relief system designed to deliver local anesthetic to or near the surgical site through specially designed catheters – Providing patients days of targeted pain relief after surgery. This is the pain relief pump that I had after my surgery.


CHKD sponsors various conferences, seminars and lectures throughout the year to provide health professionals with information on the latest research and techniques.

                                                                                                                You think you have pectus. Now what?
Course of action: Have your Primary Care Physician evaluate your chest and complete the preliminary testing. If results indicate severe pectus defect, register with Mayo Clinic at http://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments and proceed with scheduling a surgical consultation with Dr. Jaroszewski.

This site was built by a pectus excavatum patient and after having the Nuss procedure, he wanted to give something back to the community.  The site has information about pectus, doctors, hospitals and a very useful user forum.  The founder setup a non profit organization to raise money and awareness for pectus.

I still get a lot of people asking me where I got my posture brace and my rib flare press that I featured in video #14. I got them from allaboutpectus.com I love both braces and I feel like they helped me tremendously. The Pectus Binder needs to be custom fitted and Lora Lackey was kind enough to drive out and fit me while I was at the hospital.

This is Dr Jaroszewski's website. There is a vast amount of information here about Pectus Excavatum as well as her techniques. The site also contains articles, documentation of pre and post surgery and videos.

CT Pectus Protocol: http://bit.ly/pectusctprotocol
MRI Pectus Protocol: http://bit.ly/pectusmriprotocol

Preoperative Testing Checklist: http://bit.ly/preoptesting

Suggested Packing List: http://bit.ly/itemstopack

Phoenix Children's Hospital provides comprehensive evaluations and surgical treatment for pediatric patients with pectus excavatum. They are the first children's hospital to air a live video, via social media, of the Nuss procedure being performed.

At Zimmer Biomet, we pursue exceptional outcomes. Our innovations help treat patients suffering from disorders of, or injuries to, bones, joints or supporting soft tissues. Alongside some of the world's top healthcare professionals, we help deliver new possibilities to patients. It's our promise to look beyond what's possible now and discover what's possible next. The titanium bars that I have in my chest are made by Zimmer Biomet

Pectus Services has consistently improved countless Pectus Carinatum deformities, from mild to the most severe cases in kids, teens and young adults from all around the United States and internationally since 1996. Pectus Services is world renowned for outstanding results and has drawn patients from the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and many others.