I still get a lot of people asking me where I got my posture brace and my rib flare press that I featured in video #14. I got them from allaboutpectus.com and I will also put this in the "Links" section. I love both braces and I feel like they helped me tremendously. The Pectus Binder needs to be custom fitted and Lora Lackey was kind enough to drive out and fit me while I was at the hospital.

My one year surgery anniversary was on February 16th, 2017 and on that date I published "My Life With Pectus". It is basically my life story living with Pectus Excavatum and everything I had to endure along the way. You can read it here:

Before and After My Nuss Procedure

Several hours after with left The Mayo Clinic for my one year follow up I was contacted about doing an interview for a story with their public relations group. I immediately accepted and was greatly honored!! So we drove back there the next day for the interview and they even came to record and watch me race at the Phoenix Zoo. I felt a ton of pressure, but I still ended up placing first in my age group. I will post the video and story once it is released. Until then you can check out the official post below, watch my latest YouTube video or check out some of my newest pictures in the My Journey section.

In January 2016 I decided to start a new tradition. That tradition would be to run my age on or around my birthday each year. My birthday is on February 3rd and my surgery for Pectus Excavatum was on February 16th 2016. In June of 2014 I weighed 280lbs and decided to start to get into surgery shape and change my life. Last year it took me most of the day to run and walk 35 miles for my 35th birthday. This year I was able to run 36 miles and I didn’t walk once. I also tried to have a little fun and spell out PECTUS STRONG. In addition to that I made my 21st video in my Pectus Journey and I talk about this run as well as the 2nd annual Virtual Race for Pectus Awareness. My wife and I will be traveling back to Arizona from March 7th through 12th for my one year check up at The Mayo Clinic with Dr. Jaroszewski. While out there I will be racing in the Phoenix Zoo Move & Groove 5K on March 11th. If you would like to keep up with my training you can follow me on Strava here https://www.strava.com/athletes/11603096

Hello, my name is William Kranz. Pectus Strong is my project to raise awareness for Pectus Excavatum. I was born with PE and I created this site to be a hub of information for others. I also want to share my journey through surgery and recovery. I will continue to link to the best web sites and information for Pectus Excavatum and other chest deformities such as Thoracic Dystrophy and Platythorax. I'm trying to give back by sharing my time, effort and thoughts. I'm funding this web site completely out of pocket, so if anyone is interested in helping with this site please contact me via email, Facebook or YouTube. Thanks for your time and please enjoy PectusStrong.com

Preoperative Testing Checklist: http://bit.ly/preoptesting

Suggested Packing List: http://bit.ly/itemstopack

This is from the Pectus Program at Mayo Clinic Arizona and is a great place to start if you are looking into surgery about your pectus.

You think you have pectus. Now what?
Course of action: Have your Primary Care Physician evaluate your chest and complete the preliminary testing. If results indicate severe pectus defect, register with Mayo Clinic at http://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments and proceed with scheduling a surgical consultation with Dr. Jaroszewski. Then also check out DrJPectus.com

This is from the Pectus Program at Mayo Clinic Arizona

"Among the number of amazing patients we have promoting the awareness for pectus excavatum, William Kranz is one patient who has made an impact!

He was in Arizona for his one year post op visit and told us how surgery with Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski has changed his life. We were impressed with his training efforts for the Iron Man Race in October 2017 and he agreed to be interviewed for a story with our public relations group.

We will post the story once it's completed and if you would like to read more about his pectus journey, please see his website atwww.pectusstrong.com

Keep up the great work William and good luck in October!" to see the original post go here ( https://www.facebook.com/PectusProgramMayoClinicArizona/ )

!!!! S T O P !!!!


Many of you already know that I went back to The Mayo Clinic two months ago for my one year check up from my pectus excavatum surgery. While we were out there The Mayo Clinic’s public relations group contacted me about doing a video interview with me and a written story about me. I am very honored and excited to be able to share them with you now.

Please take your time and check out each link below and please share my post. My next step is to try to get this into the hands of someone at the Ironman Corporation.


Anyone reading this can feel free to “friend” me on Facebook and scroll back through my many many posts. If you have pectus and are not in any of the support groups please send me a PM. https://www.facebook.com/wkranzjr

The Mayo Clinic's original Facebook post about me ( please “like” and comment there and also please share it )

The Mayo Clinic's entire story about me


The Mayo Clinic's video interview with me

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My life story in my own words

I also have been documenting my entire journey through this on YouTube over the last two years ( please “like” and comment on any of my videos and also please subscribe to my channel because it helps me raise awareness )

Now back to the regularly scheduled Ironman training. Only 165 days away!!

#PectusStrong #PectusAwareness PectusStrong.com

News & Articles

I stumbled upon a post last night that I wanted to share here as well.

Danielle Goldsmith is several weeks post op from having the Nuss Procedure with Dr Jaroszewski at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. I am happy to say that she is doing very well and on the road of recovery. What stood out to me was how she is documenting her journey and trying to raise awareness for pectus as she goes.
If you are interested please take the time to check our her site and story. She even did a news interview and a radio segment.

Here is her link ---> http://pectusknowledge.com/danielle-goldsmith/?fbclid=IwAR3bIaDjYsUxMYsLr3r-eeUh4t7sPX01WrTfa6-skXEPOvqZ21K3ztErtOM

CT Pectus Protocol: http://bit.ly/pectusctprotocol
MRI Pectus Protocol: http://bit.ly/pectusmriprotocol

I update my Facebook page way more than I update this website, so I encourage everyone reading this to friend me on Facebook if you want the latest updates about me and my awareness efforts. Since I completed Ironman Louisville I still remain very active and train six days a week with plans of competing in Ironman Traverse City in August 2019. On January 8th 2019 I had my three titanium bars removed by Dr. Jaroszewski at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Within the first three weeks after surgery I was already back to running and cycling.