1. Is having the Nuss Procedures worth it?
    • Personally it was absolutely worth it and changed my life in so many positive ways
  2. How painful is the recvoery?
    • It was very painful at times, but I managed it well with the medications. I weaned off of everything and returned to work after four weeks. I also had a ten pound lift restriction for six weeks. My bar removal was much easier and only took four days off from work. I started running and cycling again 13 days after my surgery.
  3. Does it hurt to have the urinary catheter removed?
    • Not one bit, but I was also on a lot of pain relievers at the time.
  4. Can I run/jump/swim/or play sports with the bars in my chest?
    • Yes! Learn to know your own body and limitations though. With my three bars I trained six days a week, running, cycling, swimming and lifting weights. I also completed an Ironman and three other triathlons. I managed to survive three cycling accidents and my bars never moved a bit. I live by the motto that movement is medicine, so start slow and you should be ok.

Many people want to know what questions to ask their doctor before deciding to get the Nuss Procedure. I would like to tell everyone to go see Dr. Jaroszewski because she is amazing and changed my life. I know that is not possible for everyone, so I decided to create a list. Most of these were my original questions from my consultation in 2015 and some are from others that have messaged me throughout the years. My biggest advice when choosing a doctor is to be your own advocate, do lots of research, then select a doctor that is an expert in this field. 

Questions about the Nuss Procedure & Recovery

Here are some of the questions that I get asked quite frequently and I will add more as I go. These answers are mine and not a guarantee of how your case will be. I also discussed a lot of this in my videos if anyone wants to check those out. Hopefully if you choose the right doctor you will have just of good as an experience as me if not better. I can't stress enough though that every case is different so please just use this as a guide.

Questions to ask a doctor

I find myself answering a lot of the same questions over and over. I never mind answering questions and sharing my story, but I decided to try to put some of that info here as well. I will add more questions here as I think of them, but if you notice something is missing please contact me.

  1. How many Nuss Procedures have you successfully completed?
  2. What’s the rate of regression after the bars come out?
  3. How many bars will I get?
  4. Do you use stabilizers or firewire?
  5. Do you use the Rultract device to lift the sternum before placing the bars?
  6. Should I get a metal allergy test before my surgery?
  7. How long will I be in the hospital?
  8. What is the recovery time?
  9. How long will I be on pain medication?
  10. When can I go back to work and what are my lift restrictions?
  11. What are some of the complications that could happen?
  12. How long should the bars stay in before coming out?
  13. Do my stitches dissolve or when and where do I get them removed?
  14. How do you handle rib flare?
  15. Who do I contact if I have an emergency or question at home after my surgery?
  16. How close to the hospital should I stay after surgery and should I have somebody stay with me?
  17. What type of exercises should I do during my recovery?
  18. Should I wear any type of braces post op?
  19. How do you handle the pain management, ie catheter or ON-Q pump?

Frequently Asked Questions